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Vitamin B-12 therapy is an excellent way for many people to jump-start their weight loss. The team at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Ashburn, VA can help patients reduce stress eating and boost energy, even with less caloric intake, thanks to B-12.

Vitamin B12 Q & A

What Is Vitamin B-12 Therapy?  

Vitamin B-12 therapy is an injection therapy that is focused on helping patients improve their metabolism. Patients will receive injections on a weekly basis in most cases. The injection takes only seconds and rarely causes any discomfort or pain. Vitamin B-12 therapy also has the significant side benefits of aiding red blood cell and nerve cell function. It is quite common for people today to have too little vitamin B-12 in their body. When this happens, a person will often be easily exhausted and may even feel chronic fatigue. Regular vitamin B-12 therapy allows weight loss program patients faster weight loss through improved metabolism, an energy boost, and other major benefits.

Why Does B-12 Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

Vitamin B-12 therapy helps with weight loss for several reasons. The metabolism boost is one of the most significant of these reasons, but the energy boost is also something to consider. The more energy that a person has, the more likely that they are to stick to a regular exercise plan, something which aids greatly in weight control. Vitamin B-12 therapy also helps reduce depression and stress, which may lower emotional eating binges. This type of injection therapy aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system overall, and it even keeps those frustrating cravings for sugary and salty foods in check.

Will B-12 Therapy Work for Vegans or Vegetarians?

Yes, in fact, this type of therapy may be ideal. People who don't have any meat or animal product intake often lack vitamin B-12 in their systems, since this vitamin is found in red meats, eggs, and other animal products. This therapy may help considerably with fatigue and with achieving weight loss goals.

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*Each patient's experience is unique based on medical conditions and body composition, as each patient's body is different. The amount of weight loss may vary based on these and other variables such as program adherence and metabolic factors.