Do You Know What You're Made Of?

Have you been recently diagnosed with a chronic condition that is frightening you? The fear associated with a newly diagnosed conditions such as diabetes or hypertension can be great, but this scarey time is actually a golden opportunity to affect permanent change in your behavior. Lifestyle change is entirely possible and often enough to reverse certain conditions that have developed over time. Professional support can be key to understanding what is going on in your body and what changes can make the biggest impact. At Physicians Weight Loss Centers in Ashburn we use science, tools and professional support to help you turn things around at a pace that is manageable in your life.

Thankfully, one of the tools we use gives us an instant view of your Body Compostion. And a picture is worth a thousand words! Being able to see and interact with your personal data visually speaks volumes. At Physicians Weight Loss Centers in Ashburn we offer you a visual snapshot of your personal data with the InBody570, a state of the art Body Composition Analyzer. This specialty scale allows us to be in the realm of “show me” medicine, not just “tell me”.  So, the Diet Coaches at Physicians Weight Loss Center are interacting with your own individualized actionable data, generated in real time, and making recommendations for a diet plan based on that information.

The Center Physician at Physicians Weight Loss Centers does not replace your Primary Care Physician or specialist. We help you follow a plan of higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet which can often have a profound effect on your system. Maybe clients, in less than a year, can reverse conditions and be taken off medications by their doctor. Though every case is different and certainly not every patient can reverse diabetes or hypertension, addressing not just the BMI (the traditional measurement of being overweight or obese) but all the factors measured by the Body Composition Analusis can work powerfully together to turn many situations around.

Taking Action to Feel Better!

So as you stand at the threshold of a new year and think about your health and fitness goals, remember that relying on your BMI or your body weight alone can fool you.  Without a proper understanding of your personal body composition, you may just head off in the wrong direction or miss out on important opportunities to make major improvements.  Become empowered through Body Composition Analysis in mere minutes so that we can customize your weight loss program to your which gives us your unique individual metabolic profile.

Visit us at Physicians Weight Loss Centers to get your free Body Composition Analysis on this state of the art equipment and use this knowledge to your advantage in the coming weeks and months to help you live a healthier life. Your future you will thank you for it! Get Happy & Lean in 2017!



Susan Malzone, Nutritional Director, Physicians Weight Loss Centers in Ashburn & Fairfax, VA

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