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"PWLC Ashburn Rocks! Here we are 50 & 70 pounds later" - Dick & Marcia S.

"PWLC Ashburn Rocks! Here we are 50 & 70 pounds later" - Dick & Marcia S.

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers a wide range of specialty services. As leaders in the weight loss industry for the past 37 years, we know that not every person responds to the same diet in the same way, or loses weight at the same rate. There are numerous medical and lifestyle factors that contribute to the effectiveness of a diet program…does the individual cook, travel, exercise, stress eat, have high blood pressure, etc?

An effective, individualized diet program must include a) the science b) the tools and c) the professional support that promote a healthy fat burn and keep you motivated until you reach your goal weight. Our six weight loss systems, designed by our corporate dieticians, will assist in acheiving your goals. Our specialized nutritional products, such as the Gold Premium supplement line, have been formulated with special ingredients like Hoodia Gordonii and Calcium Pyruvate that help increase metabolism, burn fat more efficiently and control appetite. And our team of caring, professional diet counselors is one of the most highly rated anywhere, making ours one of the easiest and effective weight loss programs on the market today.

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We serve the following areas in and around Loudoun County:

  • Ashburn
  • Belmont
  • Brambleton
  • Broadlands
  • Herndon
  • Landsdowne
  • Leesburg
  • One Loudoun
  • Reston
  • South Riding
  • Sterling

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We offer the following services:

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At Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Ashburn, we are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your goals. Everything you need to accomplish your weight loss and maintenance goals are all in one place.

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*Each patient's experience is unique based on medical conditions and body composition, as each patient's body is different. The amount of weight loss may vary based on these and other variables such as program adherence and metabolic factors.

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